Blue Line Trader is a free and easy to use platform that provides you all the tools you need to aid you in your trading experience. With an embedded chat function, you are only one click from our trade desk.

Blue Line Trader, provides software trading solutions where you can change layout for different trading solutions. Always in touch with our trade desk.
Custom Layout

Customize your trading environment the way you want. Whether you have a particular trading style, need access to certain asset classes, or prefer multiple layouts for different trading situations, Blue Line Trader provides you with the flexibility you've been looking for in a software.

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Quotes & Charting

Advanced charting features enable you to trade and monitor your activity all from one charting window. Different chart styles, dozens of indicators and custom alerts let you discover new ways to "see" the market and act on it.

Use technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Stock charts technical analysis.
Stock charts technical analysis, trading ideas
Technical analysis of the financial markets. Stock charts technical analysis
Trade Tickets

Blue Line Trader offers multiple order tickets, such as Standard, One Cancels Other (OCO), One Sends Other (OSO), Depth of Market (DOM), and Multi-bracket and Basket (parked) orders. Also, Blue Line Trader offers multiple advanced order options (MOC, MOO, Iceberg), and algorithmic orders (time slice, enhanced time slice, time activation, auto cancel) in addition to position reversing and parked orders.

Stock market technical analysis and trading ideas
Contract & Option Chain Lookup

Blue Line Trader makes it easy for you to search for the trade you want. By typing the contract description into the search tool you are able to narrow down your choices fast. Seamlessly move from the search screen into the Option chain. Both features make it easy to load into your order ticket.

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