Gold/Silver: The "Black-Gold" alternative

Wow, another week that seemingly flew on by, and boy did I rattle some cages by saying that interest rates were going higher. Remember that steadily declining interest rates and a weakening dollar with rising inflation expectations and accommodative fiscal/monetary policies are the mixes we need to get a supercharged gold bull market. Imagine it this way, it's Friday night, James Bond is on, and we are thirsty for a martini; we have the vodka, the gin, but we are missing the vermouth and olive. We still can get drunk, but it's not the perfect vesper martini we set out to make. With 2021 around the corner, we are sending out a complimentary 2021 Futures Calendar & Reference Guide with a limited supply. The guide is your go-to resource for government & industry report dates, contract specifications, futures, and options expiration dates. *Available to U.S.