Silver: Buy it while it's on sale

Webster Dictionary states that the definition of transitory is "not permanent," this week, we had CPI (the change in the price of goods and services purchased by consumers) come in at 5.4% Y/Y, its highest level since the 1980s. In addition, PPI (the change in the price of finished goods and services sold by producers) had the most significant Y/Y change since the data was re-configured at 7.8%. In my opinion, the best way to track inflation is by looking at the CRB Index. This week, it ramped back up near contract highs, with Agricultural and Livestock prices breaking out to the upside while Energies and Precious Metals recovering from their latest selloff. It is not too late to position for higher inflation through agricultural commodities, and with the tightest Wheat crop in a decade, the inflation party is just getting started.