Silver options breakout strategy for 2021

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Over the past few months, we have been extensively covering the backdrop of gold, and by now, you should know the narrative better than anyone else. However, with the Fed showing their cards already and additional stimulus measures not taking place until after the election, it is time to put gold on ice and look for low-risk high reward opportunities in silver. 

I already know what you are thinking; we have identified some undervalued mining stock that you might have overlooked. The reality is that most of you have invested in the broad spectrum of available mining stocks and bought extensive amounts of physical in the past, so you are well-positioned. However, investors with additional "risk capital" that want to target a potential "breakout" in silver above $29.50 consider using a calculated risk options strategy. 

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The Strategy

With the March contract showing massive open interest already, we are concerned that the breakout may not occur until after the futures' expiration. Therefore, the strategy is to purchase the April 2021 Silver futures $29.50 call option while selling an April 2021 Silver $35.00 call against it. The strategy will create a calculated risk Bull Call spread and costs $3,500 while your maximum gain would be $27,500 if silver futures close above $35/oz at expiration on March 25, 2021. We believe this strategy achieves a low-risk high reward profile.

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By Phillip Streible - Chief Market Strategist

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