Weekend Ag Update

USDA report on Tuesday, May 12th. We will have estimates out beforehand.

It was a positive week for most agricultural commodities as it seems we have chewed through the peak panic and are getting more clarity on how and when we will get some sort of normalcy back in our lives. In our daily reports, weekly interviews, and discussions with clients, we have been emphasizing that the market is a forward looking mechanism and just as the market was pricing in bad news ahead of time, it will also price in good news ahead of time. In between the bad news and good news is often a lull period, which is arguably the most important. We have seen that lull period over the last two weeks, where the rate of bad news slow. In this environment, less bad news is good news, no news is good news (it would be the opposite in a rallying market), and good news is great news. Below is a quick breakdown of our thoughts on some of the Ag markets. If you want to know our thoughts on any markets not covered in today’s report, let us know and we will let you know befor