Brokerage Solutions

Our trading solutions fit all shapes and sizes.

You could be a novice who wants hands-on help and education to learn how to trade futures and options. Maybe you want someone to bounce ideas off from time to time. We also cater to self-directed traders and professionals looking for a low-cost, low latency solution coupled with top-tier customer service.

Our Services

Choose from our three brokerage approaches based on your needs, experience and trading style.

A full service approach where our experts work with clients every step of the way.

You are mostly self-sufficient but have broker-assisted help a phone call or text away.

Clients generate their own trade ideas and execute and manage the trade. Our research is still available for free and our experts are only ever a phone call away.

A complete hands-off approach. The account is managed by a registered Commodity Trading Advisor or system with a track record. Contact us for a free consultation.

Open A Brokerage Account

Opening an account is FREE and EASY. Blue Line Futures is an independent broker. We do not hold customer funds, we work in conjunction with the large clearing firms you see below. You can complete the application in as little as 10-15 minutes. If you have any questions, our dedicated customer service team is available, please call 312-278-0500.

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Not sure which clearing firm to choose?

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Free Consultation

Our Partner FCMs

We work with these partner Future Commission Merchants (FCMs). When you open a brokerage account with Blue Line Futures, you can opt in for a free consultation to help you find which FCM is the best fit for you.

Blue Line Futures, LLC does not hold your funds, we work in conjunction with these large clearing firms. Feel free to contact us with questions at 312-278-0500.