CME Event Contracts

Event contracts offer the most intuitive, straightforward way to access 10 of the world’s most important futures markets. Explore short-term, limited-risk contracts that streamline how you can take part in these benchmark markets.

Tradable Markets: E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Dow Jones, E-Mini Nasdaq, E-Mini Russell, Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Euro/US Dollar

Coming soon: Event Driven Contracts on Bitcoin Futures

Introducing CME Event Contracts!

Trading Event Contracts are as simple as making a binary choice: “Yes” or “No”.

Trade your daily market bias on 10 of the most actively traded futures markets by deciding if you think a market will close above or below a set price.

For each contract, your max risk and reward range from $0.25 - $19.75. That risk is dependent on where the market is trading and what the probabilities are of it closing above or below a certain place. To determine the probability of a “Yes” or “No” position occurring, multiply the cost of the position by 5. As the market moves throughout the day, so will the probabilities.

Tradable Markets

Equity Indices
E-mini S&P (ES), E-mini Nasdaq (NQ), E-mini Russell (RTY), E-mini Dow (YM)

Gold (GC), Silver (SI), Copper (HG)

WTI Crude Oil (CL), Natural Gas (NG)

Euro/USD (6E)

Trade your prediction

Trade your prediction on whether a market will close above a certain price. Each product has a variety of prices from which you can choose, depending on how bullish or bearish you are on that market.

Trading Team

Trading Team
Choose a side

Choosing a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ position on a predicted closing price will cost $0.25 - $19.75 to trade. This value will vary throughout the trading day as the likelihood of the product closing above the predicted price changes with market movements. Once you choose a side, you can rest easy knowing what you paid is the most you can lose.

Know what you will earn or lose

You will be credited $20 if your prediction is correct, and $0 if your prediction is incorrect. So, if you paid $13 for a ‘Yes’ position that closed in your favor, your profit would be $7*.

*Less applicable fees and commissions

Trading Team

Trading Team
Understand the probabilities

To determine the probability of a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ position occurring, just multiply the cost of the position by 5. For example, if you pay $15 to take a ‘Yes’ position on a price prediction, the market is suggesting that there is a 75% chance (5x15) of the product closing above the listed price.

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What are event contracts?

Event contracts are $20-increment, daily expiring products that allow market participants to trade their views on daily up or down price moves in some of the world’s most trusted benchmark Equity Index, Energy, Metals, and Foreign Currency futures markets with risk limited to the amount of the trade.

What determines whether an event contract trade is successful?

If the price prediction for the event contract you trade is correct (using the daily settlement price of the corresponding futures at the determining value), you will receive the $20 payout on that trade. If not, your cost will be the amount you paid to purchase the position.